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Garbanzo is an online, interactive library for Spanish classrooms. Through comprehensible storytelling and ready-made lessons, Garbanzo makes language learning come alive!

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Trusted by 85k+ language teachers.

Garbanzo is based on lessons from The Somos Curriculum, the widely acclaimed and comprehension-based language curriculum trusted by 85k+ teachers worldwide.

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Why learn through stories?

Our minds are wired for stories. The use of storytelling helps us process and retain information, which makes story-based learning the most natural way to promote language acquisition. Garbanzo helps your students acquire language by ensuring our stories are engaging and comprehensible at their level.

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A dependable resource for language learning.

Consistent exposure is crucial for acquiring a new language. Our ever-growing library of online Spanish lessons makes it effortless for teachers to engage students
using stories that are tailored to their level.

With Garbanzo, language learning can happen anywhere:

  • Story-based lessons with audio

    Choose from our library of 1.2k+ stories to assign Spanish lessons for your students across a wide selection of themes. Lessons include images, illustrations, and audio to support comprehension for multilevel learners.

  • Guided learning paths

    Use our learning paths to assign your students a collection of lessons focused on a core topic or set of vocabulary. As students progress along the path, scaffolded vocabulary is slowly introduced to help them read with confidence!

  • Interactive challenges

    Each lesson includes challenge questions to help students deepen their understanding and create meaningful connections to the text. These sequential assessments provide you with a bird’s eye view of your students’ progress.

  • Customizable practice

    Add lessons to each class’s Biblioteca to give your students opportunities for self-guided practice. You choose which lessons to add, and your students choose which lessons they want to read and how many times!

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Garbanzo for districts.

Interested in giving your teachers access to our ready-made library of online Spanish lessons? Request a quote to purchase Garbanzo subscriptions in bulk.

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Garbanzo has been a game-changer in my classroom. It's improved my students' Spanish reading comprehension and has opened a door to cultural exploration. The engaging content and interactive exercises make learning enjoyable, and the progress I've seen in their comprehension skills is remarkable. Thank you, Garbanzo, for making learning Spanish so effective and fun for all my students.

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Alejandro Mejia

Garbanzo Spanish Podcast

An interactive podcast for Spanish learners! Listen to easy-to-understand stories in Spanish written primarily for beginners.

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