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Garbanzo is used in 34k+ classrooms across the world to support students’ language acquisition. Here’s what some of those teachers have to say...

  • I teach on an A/B block schedule, and I really depend on Garbanzo to help fill in the gaps where my students don't get to see me each day. Garbanzo activities re-enforce the stories and vocabulary we have practiced in class so that students don't forget.

    Abby Irvine

  • Garbanzo is the perfect reading supplement for students in order to reinforce verbs/structures we have learned in class. The stories are relevant, fun, and scaffolded perfectly to meet the learners needs. Garbanzo keeps them interested in reading as well as getting as much language exposure as possible.

    Aimee 214

    Aimee Deemter

  • I use Garbanzo for my students to practice reading every day. It is very useful to me because I assign the lessons with grading. It is very practical since readings are available for each of the lessons. Garbanzo offers different reading levels according to difficulty. I like that it includes a structured practice repeatedly in each lesson. The Core is great and useful for practice. Also, the disponibility to assign lessons on Biblioteca could be a positive tool to engage students on their reading preferences.


  • Garbanzo has been a game-changer in my classroom. It's improved my students' Spanish reading comprehension and has opened a door to cultural exploration. The engaging content and interactive exercises make learning enjoyable, and the progress I've seen in their comprehension skills is remarkable. Thank you, Garbanzo, for making learning Spanish so effective and fun for all my students.

    Alejandro 36

    Alejandro Mejia

  • I used every day as an online practice, assessments, and reading. It is great to use Garbanzo

    Alba Pineda

  • I love using Garbanzo with my middle school students! I put several level-appropriate stories in the Biblioteca and let them choose the stories they like for homework. I also assign stories to students who are absent so they can practice Spanish when they miss class.

    Alex T.

  • I’ve been assigning the garbanzo app episodes and worksheets to my students for a while now. It’s helped students that need a little extra practice catch up and get more input. All students enjoy the pace of the speaking and find listening to diverse readers very helpful. Thank you for creating it and making extra practice fun!

    Alexandra Motoc

  • Garbanzo has been a life saver for me! I frequently use it when students are absent, and it helps them stay right on track with what we're doing in class. I really value the high quality input that is aligned with the SOMOS curriculum. So, so thankful for this resource!

    Allison A.

  • Garbanzo has been an absolute lifesaver for me! It's such an amazing tool for the world language classroom. I used to struggle with how to help my students develop better reading skills, but SOMOS and Garbanzo have completely changed that. I've found my students communication skills are light years ahead of where they used to be. My students--and I--thank you!

    Alyssa 222

    Alyssa Skiff

  • I love being able to supplement with Garbanzo as a whole and especially being able to assign for days when I (the teacher, I never get a Spanish speaking sub.) am absent or being to individually assign. when a student is absent!

    Amanda McGrain

  • Garbanzo is great to reinforce content and for sub plans.

    Anais Ortega

  • I started using Garbanzo a year ago and I love it, as well as my students. It is a great tool for assigning homework and extra practice. It is also very useful for absent work, or for a sub lesson. Adding grades has become much easier too. This year, I tried the creation of classes using Google classroom, and the process was so smooth. I think Garbanzo is a great investment!

    America Farmer

  • Using garbanzo has increased motivation for my students to accomplish reading skills. it also enhanced their listening skills. Because of the variety of texts, my students have different opportunities and more opportunities to choose something of their interest. That is a plus for motivation, and also because my students come from diverse backgrounds. My students can read faster and review words and cognates for them to use the vocab in their writing or speaking. Lastly, culture is very important for me and garbanzo is rich in readings that can explain culture from Spanish Speaking countries.

    Ana Osorno

  • I am an avid user of the Somos curriculum, and I love that the readings on Garbanzo directly correspond to what we are learning. Because the Garbanzo readings easily align to the vocabulary my students know, the Garbanzo app has been a crucial tool for formative assessment as well as keeping my frequently absent students caught up in class. Much love for Garbanzo!!

    Andrea P

  • Garbanzo is such a versatile tool. It's great for reading practice to reinforce the Somos lessons I do in class, either by assigning the same readings I would have printed worksheets for, or stories with similar vocabulary for additional practice. It's great for both high and low learners - the library and pathway features make it easy to use as both an extension or remediation tool.

    Andrea Brown

  • Garbanzo is an amazing companion for language acquisition in the classroom. It provides students with highly comprehensible, engaging texts--along with audio for bimodal input--sprinkled with comprehension questions throughout. The intermittent questions ensure close reading and affirm comprehension along the way. The "Core Paths" beautifully scaffold the introduction of and recycling of high-frequency vocabulary. These texts complement the SOMOS curriculum, but even if you don't use the SOMOS curriculum, this application is still very effective when combined with good acquisition-driven instruction.

    Andrea 209

    Andrea Schweitzer

  • Garbanzo is a comprehensive program for students to learn Spanish and French in a nonthreatening environment. Garbanzo is the guide and support to acquire language.

    Angel Piedra

  • Garbanzo is a vital part to my classroom especially when it comes to differentiating instruction for students with different proficiency levels. The content is varied in subject and proficiency level. I use Garbanzo with my 3rd grade students as well as my 8th grade students. It provides audio and visual support while also holding students accountable for understanding the message. It is also evident that the authors strive to make the content compelling as well as comprehensible. Garbanzo is a very versatile tool because it can be used for assessment, review, instruction, enrichment, intervention or distance learning.

    Anne 81

    Anne Marie Mitchell

  • Garbanzo helps me provide comprehensible input to my students. Whether I'm out sick, a student is absent, a student needs additional practice, or the teacher needs some time "off the stage," Garbanzo is a lifesaver! I know whenever I have my students use Garbanzo, they are still receiving input that is so crucial to language learning.

    Angie K.

  • I teach K-8 Spanish in 2 different schools. The “online library” enables me to find stories and informational text to use across all grade levels. Garbanzo allows me to provide age appropriate, engaging reading opportunities for all of my diverse students.

    Audra 157

    Audra Sullivan

  • My favorite part about Garbanzo is how stories are repetitive in nature (which is key to student learning) but also include funny twists and turns. Students squeal in delight at certain unexpected events in the story and enjoy the simple, yet fun clipart images that accompany them!

    Anna 160

    Anna D

  • Garbanzo has been a life saver in both learning gained from students, and saving my energy/voice! :D It's versatility is really helpful in that you can use it to launch a class with a story that was reviewed from a previous day, or can help you put the cherry on top after having delivered a rambunctious lesson that has left you needing a break.

    Antonio 93

    Antonio Reyes

  • I have been using Garbanzo as a resource for my students, and it's been fantastic. Not only has it helped reinforce vocabulary structures, but it's also been a fun and interactive way for my students to learn. I'm so thankful for Garbanzo and its value to our classroom. It's a great resource, and I'm looking forward to continuing to use it.

    Ashlley Vela

  • I absolutely love Garbanzo! I use it each week for about 20 minutes to get my students used to reading in Spanish and practicing their context clues skills. One of my favorite things is the additional vocab and words they learn from it! I had a Spanish 1 student last year tell me about an abogado and when I asked where she learned the word, she said Garbanzo!

    Brian Chaney

  • As soon as Garbanzo readings became the “homework” requirement, my life became easier. Hours spent creating homework assignments and correcting them were freed up. Lost papers were no longer an issue. Students benefited from immediate feedback while reading. Garbanzo gave me extra time in my day to plan and focus on my students. Thank you Garbanzo!

    Audra 157

    Audra Sullivan

  • Garbanzo is an very useful resource in the world language classroom, the way the readings are presented, get the students to engage in a fun and interactive way. The Learning paths give an exposure to certain amount of vocabulary that is actually possible to understand and acquire as part of the language's learning process.

    Audrey 65

    Audrey Ramirez

  • Garbanzo has been a huge success in my classes. I love the way content is reinforced in an accessible way and the immediate feedback that it provides. My students appreciate the support it offers and feel successful as they take risks with new material.

    Aylish Duff

  • Garbanzo has helped me supplement a lot of the things I teach in my classroom. It also gives my students a chance to work at their own pace. We can add in stories to help reinforce what we have talked about in class for both content and language structures. It has added another level to my teaching and my students' learning!

    Bailey Mahoney

  • This platform has helped my students lose the fear of reading, has given them an opportunity to feel more confident with a text (short or long), has opened a window of curiosity and a desire to want to know more about a group of people, region, country, etc.

    Bernarda Alvarado

  • Garbanzo has helped reinforce vocabulary for my students and helped them pick up non-vocabulary words that are related to the theme. They love the sometimes-silly stories! I use it as homework and another chance for them to receive input throughout their day.

    Beth Beauchesne

  • Garbanzo has been an incredible tool that has helped in the development of language recognition as well as growing knowledge in culture. It pairs seamlessly with SOMOS and has helped our program grow beyond measure!

    Brian 228

    Brian Crouch

  • Garbanzo is so helpful for that one on one feedback! I can assign my high fliers more difficult readings and extra work to those who are struggling. I appreciate the comprehensible input easily available at our fingertips. It's great for the students and a life-saver for me at times when I need break from being "on" all the time.

    Bridget 152


  • Garbanzo has been a wonderful way to improve reading comprehension in my Spanish classroom. The stories are engaging and my students love the pop culture topics. I love to assign stories that we have read as a class to reinforce the core structures.

    Brooke 172

    Brooke LeBlanc

  • Garbanzo has help to increase my students' reading confidence. The constant and consistent exposure to words has helped their reading proficiency. It also has helped them to explore other cultural topics we may not have had the chance to in class.

    Caitlin Gaule

  • Garbanzo lessons reinforce core vocabulary while also introducing students to a variety of other words beyond the core terms. It recycles vocabulary and reinforces activities and content taught in the SOMOS curriculum. The library function allows choice and differentiation for teachers and students alike!

    Caitlin Kolodziej

  • Garbanzo is my most irreplaceable resource I use. It’s content is seemingly endless, it’s versatility can be seamlessly connected to SOMOS, or it’s fantastic as a stand alone platform. I’ve been nothing but impressed with it’s customer service and they are always tweaking it to make it better and better. Thanks Garbanzo for supporting me and my students CI and proficiency based standards journey.

    Cameron A Smith

  • Garbanzo has been an amazing addition to the Spanish program in our small K-12 school. We require Spanish K-Spanish IV, so students are advancing along the proficiency path at a nice clip by the time they reach high school. Not only has Garbanzo provided comfortable and comprehensive homework for my high schoolers who already do the Somos curriculum, it offers the ability to assign different lessons to students who are new to our school and haven't had Spanish for the same amount of years that our typical student does. Tracking completed lesson assignments is easy and I love to offer all the lessons assigned via the Biblioteca for "re-do" for anyone who needs more practice or wants to better their score.

    Carissa N

  • The extra reading my Spanish 1 students complete outside of the classroom allows them to acquire language without much effort on their part. Reading in Spanish becomes part of their weekly routine, and that is incredible!

    Audra 157

    Audra Sullivan

  • Garbanzo is an amazing feature especially for novice learners. It breaks down the stories, current events, and movitalks into smaller pieces so students are able to focus on the content without feeling overwhelmed. It also allows me to walk around and check in individually with each student. I cannot imagine my language classroom without it!

    Carli Henman

  • At the end of the year, whenever I ask what was their favorite part of the year, many of them say the Garbanzo readings. The fun stories and cultural explanations provide greater repetition of the structures from the Somos units and the questions really help me see to what extent they are able to process the language.

    Catherine G

  • Garbanzo has allowed me to guide my students through their Spanish speaking journey through a small amount of vocabulary words at a time. It has allowed us to stop and work on the words that they have difficulty recalling, and learn the words in context. I have also used the pathways to allow students to move forward in their learning if they have mastered the words that we are doing as a class.

    Cecilia Gama Mendoza

  • I have been using Garbanzo for 3 years now! I love it. The stories are great and my students really enjoy them. It is a great way for them to practice the stories we are working with and also a nice way for students who missed class to still experience the stories.

    Chace Bennett

  • Garbanzo has been an absolute game changer in my classroom. For acquisition, we talk about our brains making connections every time we hear or see a word and Garbanzo has reinforced that mindset in my classroom with the readings and audio it provides. The bite-size, visually-appealing, user-friendly readings are the reason my students love Garbanzo.

    Chantal 102

    Chantal Castille

  • I LOVE Garbanzo!! I teach a CI based Spanish I class. I use SOMOS & TPRS, so we get a ton of listening & speaking. Tied to SOMOS, Garbanzo provides the perfect opportunity to read and reread. It also provides the easy practice or sub plan content in a pinch!

    Charla 221

    Charla Owens

  • I love using Garbanzo for my fast finishers as well as an opportunity for those that WANT to learn to have access to comprehensible texts. My students don't mind because they feel SUCCESSFUL - even those with minimal language exposure.

    Charlene Scott

  • Garbanzo is an excellent source of comprehensible Spanish. I have used it regularly for the last few school years in multiple levels of hs Spanish classes. My students enjoy and learn whether the lessons are assigned individually and done as a whole class. I think Garbanzo offers excellent value for Spanish teachers looking to develop their students' proficiency via literacy.

    Charles 200

    Charles Belcher

  • Garbanzo has been a great supplemental for the SOMOS 1 & 2 curriculum. I love knowing that my students are not only getting comprehensible input on the days that they or I miss class, but that they are also getting immediate feedback on their responses. Students appreciate access to a library of texts for extra practice and I appreciate that the Garbanzo content is continuously developing and growing.

    Chelsea Funk

  • Garbanzo is wonderful for interpretive communication in which students understand and analyze what is read on a variety of topics. It is also convenient because it integrates with Google and grades the assignments automatically-saving valuable time! I highly recommend Garbanzo!

    Chelsey Zuber

  • It is a wonderful and enoyable way to reninforce the lessons that we have covered in class
    Chris 94

    Chris Brown

  • My students love Garbanzo. They get instant feedback, have the option of audio and autonomy to complete lessons that interest them! Thank you for such a great product!

    Christina G

  • Garbanzo has significantly improved reading comprehension skills for my students. The variety of topics and levels makes it easy to adapt to my classroom needs. Thank you, Garbanzo!

    Christine 178

    Christine Kump

  • Garbanzo has been incredible for our trimester system and for those who are in class with students who have had experience with the language. I can easily catch them up with what we've learned by assigning fun stories that use essential vocab they need to get on the same page as their classmates.

    Clare Nichols

  • I often use Garbanzo readings to reinforce what we discuss in class since there are so many topics to pick from, especially current events, people, places, etc. For example, before reading Escape Cubano, we discuss the protests in Cuba and the song Patria y Vida, so I they read the Garbanzo reading after the class discussion.

    Dana P

  • Hello, my name is Daniel Gaucin and I have been teaching Spanish for sixteen years. I can honestly tell you that Garbanzo has been the best website ever. Assignments are comprehensible and very easy to follow, my students love each activity to a point that they cannot wait to see what their next assignment will be and even ask if they could do more activities for extra credit.

    Daniel Gaucin

  • Students have greatly enjoyed working through the stories as it has helped build confidence with reading and interacting with a variety of subjects in the Spanish language! It's a great way to add more reading to your program!

    Daniel Durrett

  • Garbanzo offers wonderful stories at so many levels. It provides an independent outlet for my students who not just love to read, but LOVE to read.

    Danielle Samyn

  • I love how many stories have helped my students learn words. The stories are fun and keeps students engaged and motivated! I also love how much my students are excited to learn new stories

    Darla Romero

  • I love the instant feedback that students receive while reading the stories that align with the curriculum. It sets students up for success and builds their confidence in language comprehension!

    Dawn Campbell

  • Garbanzo has had a great positive impact on my students. They have benefited from the rich illustrations and the vocabulary introduced in a context in such as way that they feel confident in their Spanish comprehension. It is a great program in terms of preparing them for the AAPPL test we do every year. Last year was my first year with Garbanzo and the AAPPL test scores increased significantly. I am continuing with Garbanzo this year. It is also aligned with Somos which a great complement/supplement to the curriculum. My students and I love it.

    Dora Sabella

  • Garbanzo has helped my students tremendously. It has been a lifesaver in so many ways! It is a great resource to reinforce structures as well as for sub plans. I can assign simple readings that take a few minutes to complete at the end of the class. We love Garbanzo!

    Donna Alvarado

  • I heard wonderful thing about Garbanzo. I want to learn and try with my students this year.


  • We love Garbanzo! Students love how interactive the stories are and since I subscribe to the prime feature they enjoy listening to audio while reading the stories. Many students re-read the stories in the "Biblioteca" feature. Garbanzo is the first reading program that students look forward to. Fantastic content, biographies, culture, hidden grammar lessons, funny stories, history, culture! Garbanzo has it all at all different levels.
    Elena 190

    Elena Luaces-Dryer

  • A menudo los estudiantes que ya han terminado la historia en Garbanzo reconocen los personajes o el argumento cuando introduzco el tema en clase y les da un chute de motivación

    Elena Aniel

  • Garbanzo has been a lifesaver for sub plans! When one of my 3 kids have been sick, I can easily assign a lesson or two from home. The website is user friendly, compelling , and geared to all language levels! 5 estrellas 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

    Elizabeth D

  • My students enjoy it. They get excited and are really learning. We just finished Lagrimas de Cocodrilo after finishing unit 10. They want to read more stories everyday. We use to do duolingo and glad we switched to the better bird.

    Elizabeth 77

    Elizabeth Coti

  • Last semester, some of our sections had to take an online class because of staffing issues. Luckily, we had Garbanzo subscriptions! They were a life saver! Despite the lack of consistent, direct instruction, those students still acquired language! Thanks how good it is! MIL GRACIAS!

    Ellen 38

    Ellen E

  • I LOVE GARBANZO!! There are thousands of resources. It's easy to use. Easy to search for topics/lessons. The lessons are in line with the units. It's an excellent supplement and my kids love it!

    Ellie Baar

  • The sentence/short paragraph slides give my students the opportunity to truly process and understand what they are reading as well as ask for clarification on a smaller scale.

    Elsa Fox

  • Garbanzo has been so helpful for differentiating reading practice for my students! I love the options for audio with many of the texts as a lot of my students find that helpful. The checks for understanding help break up the texts into more manageable chunks as well.

    Emily Waller

  • This is my first year using Garbanzo with students and I love it! Students are engaged and motivated to keep moving forward. Just today we were reading a short story with the phrase "le dice" and so many of my students immediately recognized it. I hadn't explicitly taught it yet and they all said they knew it from their Garbanzo Core 15 path!

    Emma 22

    Emma Hamilton

  • I teach a group of homeschoolers once a week. The Garbanzo app has been an incredible resource to have when you just do class once a week. They like that they understand the stories and feel successful every time. I like that there is an option for just reading (La biblioteca) for kids that just want to read. On my side I like being able to see who is doing what and their progress. If I see that more than one student did not get a good score I see where I can focus more or support them. Finally, I love how is connected to the Somos curriculum so I can assign specific activities for each unit and not to mention the Garbanzo podcast. What a great way to keep supporting our kids in their success.

    Erika T

  • Garbanzo has been a gamechanger in my classroom. Students now have the ability to interact with the stories that we have been reading in class. Plus, there is so much great content about countries from around the Spanish-speaking world.

    Erik 110

    Erik Olson

  • Garbanzo has been a game changer in my classroom! I use it for as a preview or a review of the content that we do in class. I love that students are able to work at their own pace. I am always looking for methods of input that allows me to be "off stage" and Garbanzo nails it with both reading and audio! I never want to teach without it again :)

    Erin 107

    Erin Springstroh

  • Garbanzo is an amazing tool in my Spanish classes for all levels. The stories are based on the culture and related to many topics in the Hispanic world. The stories are leveled into different proficiency levels so I can individualized for my learners depending on my level!

    Eunice 122

    Eunice Loredo

  • I enjoy using Garbanzo in my classes as a tool to reinforce the use of important vocabulary. There are so many wonderful topics that I can use throughout the year and it's great how it connects to the Somos Curriculum, but there are also things that can help students enhance their Spanish use outside the curriculum. ¡Bravo Garbanzo!

    Erin Welch

  • Garbanzo makes it possible for my students to appropriately engage with the language even on those days where I need to be out and my substitute doesn't know Spanish! It improves students reading comprehension skills and forces them to try to figure things out (when, if a story is just printed, they may ignore any of the more challenging comprehension checks).

    Gabbi S

  • Garbanzo has helped my students to become more confident with the language. I have used the path with students who have never taken Spanish before. Once they complete the first reading, their confidence goes up almost instantly. Without them noticing it, they are acquiring the language in an easy and fun way. The most gratifying thing is to see them use the language in their final exams. They do not need reviews or study guides. Just by doing the path throughout the year, it's more than enough for them to build the necessary vocabulary of a first year student.

    Francesca Nunez-Powers

  • Garbanzo has been engaging for all my learners and are relevant to their lives. They love the stories and activities!

    Genny Lambert

  • Garbanzo has been an awesome resource and my students love it. I use it as a bellringer, in class, or homework assignments. Great way for students to learn Spanish at their own pace and ability, thank you!!

    Gerardo 12

    Gerardo Gancz

  • Garbanzo is a great tool in the classroom! Students can have stories read to them. I can differentiate assignments and students can choose stories from the library.

    Ginnette Moskowitz

  • Garbanzo is the ideal stand-in teacher, fostering an environment that empowers students to engage independently with materials designed to enhance their language acquisition skills and boost their reading comprehension confidence.

    Gloria A.

  • Garbanzo gives my students a great follow up activity to help them enhance their reading and comprehension skills. It allows them to have independent practice, and to be able to increase their skills whenever they choose. What a great program!

    Gregory Alves

  • Garbanzo is the perfect marriage of in class curriculum and independent learning- my students EAT IT UP! I love that it goes right along with the Somos curriculum.

    Hailey 205

    Hailey Lusk

  • Garbanzo has been so awesome to extend the Somos curriculum that I have been using in my introductory level and Spanish 1A classes! I love the core vocabulary lessons and reading activities, my students really seem to enjoy them, as well.

    Haley Kocefas

  • Garbanzo is a great tool to help my students with interpretive reading. I love that I am able to assign them reading practice that is engaging and suited to their individual levels! The feedback I receive from using Garbanzo as a formative assessment also helps me better plan my instruction.

    Hannah 15

    Hannah Keppner

  • Garbanzo has been a game-changer for me and for my students! I love supplementing my curriculum with lessons that match our units and extend beyond them. Garbanzo is also a great resource for extended absences, differentiation, and cultural enrichment. We love it!

    Hannah L

  • Garbanzo has had a huge impact on our students' learning! It provides great, engaging and comprehensible reading material for students in all levels at our school. Students laugh at the silly stories and also learn a lot from the non-fiction stories in the upper level classes!

    Hannah Illescas

  • Garbanzo has completely changed my teaching. My students immediately walk into class and log on to engage in the language. It is helping my students want to learn Spanish on their own time.

    Haylee 74

    Haylee Ziegler

  • I am in my fourth year teaching and have been able to enrich my curriculum tremendously by giving my students an interactive cultural lesson with Garbanzo assignments for all of my units!
    Heather 162

    Heather H.

  • Garbanzo is the BEST for tailoring lessons to kid's needs. I have never used any platform that is easier to differentiate. I love it for my 'high flying' kids who need a bit more of a challenge.

    Heather 168


  • I have had access to the Garbanzo app for a couple weeks now. The content perfectly matches Somos Curriculum and it is helping support my students in their Spanish journey. I present the lesson content and then have students build understanding by reviewing with Garbanzo.

    Heidi A.

  • Garbanzo has been the perfect supplement to my Spanish classes! Combining Garbanzo with the Somos curriculum is a match made in heaven. I couldn't go without it!

    Hunter Bishop

  • I have been using Garbanzo for several years and it just keeps getting better!! It's wonderful for reading practice and the audio feature helps me differentiate for students who are weak readers. I also love the biblioteca feature that allows students to re-read their favorite stories!

    Jackie 21

    Jackie Allmendinger

  • Garbanzo is so helpful when students or I have to miss class. I also love using it for students who need extra help AND students who are ready for a greater challenge!

    Jadyn 103

    Jadyn Leggett

  • Garbanzo is an excellent resource for students to get additional interactive input with the Somos lessons and vocabulary. It goes hand in hand with the curriuclum, but it can be used for so much more. For example, it can be used to assign reading paths for students to complete at their own pace. An additional idea is to place stories & articles in the Biblioteca for independent reading and extra practice. Now that I've been using Garbanzo for a couple years, I wouldn't want to teach without it!

    Jaime Lathrop

  • It has been a great resource to complete the process of understanding the vocabulary that they are acquiring, they enjoy sooo much earning those points, I can see it in their face! Happy students, happy teacher! Thank you Garbanzo.

    Jeannette Armendariz

  • I absolutely love having Garbanzo! It is easy to assign work, and students have "checkpoints" along the way as they read.

    Jenni 213

    Jenni Korving

  • Three years ago I nervously started a new adventure and changed everything I had known about teaching to teach using comprehensible input. I will never go back! I began using Somos and astonished myself and my students that after week 1 my students could read simple stories. I was able to purchase Garbanzo as a companion to the curriculum and loved how seemlessly it aligned with Somos. I love how the program tracks my students reading and comprehension and strengthens their language input and comprehension. I really appreciate how there is a listening feature for my students who struggle with reading. Garbanzo is a MUST in my classroom.

    Jeannie 101

    Jeannie DeLateur

  • Garbanzo is SUCH A great tool -- I love that there are exercises available at many different levels of proficiency and that align with the SOMOS curriculum. It is a great activity to leave for my substitute when I have to be gone. I really like the interactive nature of the reading activities and I like that there is (good quality) audio available for many stories.

    Jennifer Ort

  • I love using Garbanzo to reinforce learning from previous classes. I often use the stories as a warmup in class, since my class meets every other day. It really helps build their knowledge. I feel the learners get a boost in confidence too!

    Jennifer Bilby

  • Thank you so much for this incredible resource! Not only are my students learning Spanish (a second language), but they are also learning valuable literacy skills that transfer to their first language. We have seen a rise in the reading portion of the ACT for juniors thanks to the reading and comprehension questions that have been created. THANK YOU!!
    Jennifer 90

    Jennifer Sloan

  • Garbanzo has been a lifesaver! My students are being challenged to read and use vocabulary in context. The stories are engaging and include a lot of pop culture to keep students interested! I couldn't image not using Garbanzo in the classroom.

    Jennifer S

  • Garbanzo has been a wonderful addition to our classroom. Reading comprehension has improved in just a month AND it is perfect for students who need accommodations as it has audio embedded.

    Jessica 111

    Jessica Spink

  • ¡Garbanzo es fantástico! Garbanzo is so awesome because the readings work seamlessly with the SOMOS Units. Students in my Spanish 1 and 2 classes use Garbanzo to increase their reading comprehension. They report to me that they enjoy using it because it is extremely comprehensible since it uses images and audio of a person reading the text. It is great for in-class tasks or to assign for homework. Students learn about culture, history, science, and folklore along with highlighted grammatical structures in context. ¡Gracias!

    Joe 145

    Joe Bommarito

  • I love the differentiation for my intermediate levels! I use the biblioteca and give kids the freedom to read what they want during ssr.

    Jill Erdman

  • Garbanzo a sido magnifico para mis estudiantes de espanol exploratorio y los de herencia. Los estudiantes aprenden mejor el vocabulario y los utilizan en sus historias. Ademas es un buen recurso para cuando nos ausentamos de la escuela.
    Johanys 129

    Johanys Alvarez

  • Garbanzo allows for my students to practice the exact same material taught in class. In real time they can verify their mastery and complete more assignments if needed.

    Joie T

  • This is the first time I have used Garbanzo and CI and I'm hooked. I love it and I've seen tremendous progress in my students. The readings go with the curriculum and are comprehensible for my level 1 students!

    Jonathan Spradley

  • My first time using Garbanzo, it is AMAZING ! Students love it. Thank you for your effort


  • I absolutely love Garbanzo, It is a great resource that supports what I am doing in my classroom. It gives immediate feedback to students as well as supporting the needs of the more reluctant learners by allowing them a less intimidating format to acquire the language.

    Jorge 199

    Jorge López

  • I just got Garbanzo this year and I love it! I love the biblioteca, podcasts and stories. I use Somos as well and I love how they work so well together!

    Joshua Bishop

  • Garbanzo has been a great supplemental resource for the curriculum that I am using. I love how it adapts to all types of learners.

    Josyane Kelly

  • I use Somos 1 & 2 curriculum in my High School Spanish classes. The companion lessons on Garbanzo’s platform were a great way to get my students engaged and learning. It is one of my favorite online platforms. It linked to google classroom without any glitches. It even remembered my students from last year, so they started the new school year with all their accumulated points from the lessons they completed last year! Super cool site for everyone, and especially nice for teachers that use the same curriculum as me. The work flow has been streamlined and it makes data collection a piece of cake. Thank you Garbanzo.
    Joshua 39

    Joshua Spencer

  • I teach Spanish one and I have found that the paths in Garbanzo have really helped my students to further develop their language skills. The readings are appropriately scaffolded and are challenging and engaging. My students successfully navigate the stories and have integrated their new learning into their current studies.

    Judy 147

    Judy R

  • I started using Garbanzo with my students last school year (2022-2023) on a weekly basis and I can only say great things about it! Garbanzo not only aligns with the Somos curriculum I use, but also allows my students to continue developing their input skills. The premium version includes audio material from native speakers, and it is a fantastic tool!

    Julie 150

    Julie P

  • I love Garbanzo for days that I cannot be at school. I never have Spanish speaking subs so it is an amazing resource to leave for independent work. I also love how the program goes with the units in SOMOS.

    Julie Swanson

  • As a high school teacher, I was looking for homework that was better than the old fashioned worksheet. It's great to find homework that they can't copy from a friend: they have to do their own work. I appreciate that students of all levels can be successful with Garbanzo. My students enjoy doing their Garbanzos and their confidence in reading grows every week.

    Junie Cutiss

  • Garbanzo is the single most valuable tool I have found for helping students to review, remediate and excel. It is engaging, real language that offers repetition in a creative way. Students love the variety of genres/topics presented and the challenge. "I like it so much, I would do it in my free time!" Leveled stories suited for any curriculum. Finally...homework that makes sense.

    Karen Streelman

  • On the first day of school, my Spanish 3 students excitedly asked if we will be doing Garbanzo again this year because they've enjoyed it so much. We do "leer lunes" with Garbanzo each week and it has been such a positive and engaging routine for all of my classes. My students and I like how comprehensible the readings are while still being challenging enough to not be boring. The "vocabulario importante" readings for each unit have been especially helpful.
    Kari 33

    Kari Christiansen

  • My students prefer Garbanzo activities and lessons to our "other online resource". They love this simple platform, the comprehensible vocabulary and the overall lesson layout. I would love to see some printable materials, even if it's just one lesson per unit. I love that CI works for all learners, and I want to be able to include my learners with Autism and limited tech accommodations in on the Garbanzo awesomeness!
    Katelyn 134

    Katelyn Scrimsher

  • Students enjoy being able to use what we learn in class and apply it to their Garbanzo lessons for extra practice. It is great for reinforcement of our vocabulary and grammar!

    Kathleen V

  • Garbanzo has saved me by providing engaging reading curriculum to my novice and intermediate students. The stories are funny, original, and creative! The readings are scaffolded to include repetition and circling in order to assist in comprehension. They even sneak grammar in there with parallel conjugations! I even use Garbanzo with my AP classes-there are heaps of amazing cultural and historical readings. So worth the money!

    Kathleen G

  • Garbanzo's read aloud tool is perfect for my students with reading accommodations on their IEPs. I can trust they are seeing and hearing the words as they work.

    Katie Votodian

  • My students love Garbanzo! Many students use it independently at home (I don't assign homework). They really enjoy the stories - when we use it in class sometimes I can hear them chuckling to themselves. I love that!

    Katie F

  • Garbanzo has proven to be a valuable resource for my classroom. I'm able to assign stories to students for extra practice, as well as help students new to the class strengthen their skills. The stories are high interest and the fact that they align with the Somos curriculum makes it a no-brainer for my Spanish classroom!

    Katy O'Day

  • Garbanzo has helped "fill in the gaps" of my lessons in an engaging, productive, and effective way that is not just "busy work." For extra time at the end of class, when my voice needs a break, sub days, helping students returning from absences, Garbanzo to the rescue!

    Kayla 45

    Kayla Velasquez

  • I am really excited to use Garbanzo during my plans for maternity leave and beyond. I have heard so many great things about it and I'm 100% confident that it will help improve my student's proficiency.

    Kayley 217

    Kayley Bartlett

  • As a homeschool Co-op, our class only meets twice a week. Garbanzo gives me the added comprehensible input for my students to confidently work on at home and reinforces what we're learning during the short time that I have with my students each week.

    Kelly Osorio

  • Garbanzo has been a great addition to my classes! The students are able to practice target vocabulary, while also getting exposure to additional vocabulary. The content block activities check for understanding along the way, making sure students do not miss any key information. The students remain engaged with the twists and turns of each story!

    Kelly M

  • Garbanzo has been a huge help for my students. Between the podcasts and the articles, stories, comprehension checks, and more, my students have grown leaps and bounds in their understanding.

    Ken K

  • I love how Garbanzo is extremely easy to navigate, both for teachers and students. I can also rest assured knowing that I can be absent and my students will still get input in the TL by completing a Garbanzo activity (or 2 or 3), no matter who the substitute is!

    Kerri DeCaro

  • Garbanzo is a phenomenal way to get in the repetitions students need for vocabulary acquisition. I use it for reviews, homework, informational input, free choice reading, and assessment. Students who come in saying "I don't know Spanish" begin to produce language independently after just a few weeks using Garbanzo consistently.

    Kristal 179

    Kristal G

  • Garbanzo helps my students to be confident in their Spanish acquisition journey and I love it as a teacher because it makes grading a breeze!

    Kristin Straub

  • Garbanzo has transformed my life. Dramatic, yes! True? YES! I was in a such a downward slump last year and needed a boost in the teaching aspect of my life; something to give me a spark. My son takes Spanish at a neighboring school and spoke highly of Garbanzo, so I knew it was time to invest and check it out for myself. It is AWESOME. I love the storytelling, I love the data, I love that you can listen and read AND some of my struggling students in Spanish 2 that I didn't think I could pull back into my classroom are KILLING IT! They are LOVING to do Spanish!!! It is an amazing resource!

    Kyley 220

    Kyley Jordan

  • I am a new teacher, and our Spanish Dept uses Garbanzo. It is incredibly user-friendly, and the students love it.

    Laura S

  • Garbanzo has really made a difference in my students reading fluency, comprehension, and time management. Students are complimenting the system and using words that I have not specifically taught in class!

    Laura Medina

  • Garbanzo is a great addition to the Somos curriculum. The stories literally bring Somos to life! My students LOVE Garbanzo. When they are given the option to work on a different activity or Garbanzo, they ALWAYS choose Garbanzo. Garbanzo is an amazing tool for students and teachers. Teachers can search by unit or topic and choose a story that fits perfectly with their students' skill levels and abilities. Each story has the option of listening and includes comprehension questions. If you are on the fence about purchasing Garbanzo, here's your sign! Do it! You will be so glad you did! I know I am.

    Leigh Ann Nesbitt

  • Everyday my students gain confidence in their reading skills and easily connect their ideas with classroom activities! Gracias 🩷

    Letty T

  • Garbanzo is a resource that interests my students, so they are very engaged in the content and are able to practice in a low stress way.

    Lily Price

  • I have been a long-time fan of Martina Bex, but I hesitated adding another cost to my already stretched budget. When I became a virtual Spanish teacher, I finally got Garbanzo, and it completely revolutionized my Spanish class. I have used it both virtually and in person, and students benefit immensely from the interactive, engaging stories. I use it with high schoolers and many of them have even commented about their Spanish improving or already knowing something in class due to Garbanzo. As a teacher, it is well-worth my money because of the high quality content and the amount of time it saves me! The learning paths are perfect for ongoing learning; while assigning individual lessons is ideal for sub days! I cannot recommend Garbanzo enough!

    Libby 2

    Libby H

  • I love how Garbanzo reinforces the material that my students learn in class. I like being able to teach them a story and then have the practice independently on Garbanzo. I also really enjoy being able to assign Garbanzo paths to review and practice material.

    Lindsay Shankle

  • Great for all Checkpoint levels and in between. Both GenEd and Special Ed students respond favorably to the platform. My level 2s and 3s are not afraid to read on their own anymore! My level 4s actually asked if we could use Garbanzo again this year! Thank you!

    Lisa 57

    Lisa Piccione

  • I love that I can assign my students work to complete outside of the classroom setting. It's a great feature for who aren't in class on a particular day.

    Lissette 141

    Lissette N.

  • Esta plataforma ha sido la mejor opcion de apoyo para mi clases, ya que posee todo lo necesario para que mis estudiantes desarrollen el interes por aprender, como tambien proporciona las herramientas necesarias para fomentar el aprendizaje de su nuevo lenguaje. Sin duda una plataforma hecha por profesores y adecuada a nuestra gran variedad de estudiantes.
    Loreto 159

    Loreto Cerna Cruz

  • I teach Spanish 2 and 3 at the high school level. Garbanzo has gotten my students reading more and understanding grammar in context like never before. I hear them say "oh yeah, that was on Garbanzo" This is why I find it of utmost importance to be sure that what they are reading is really targetting what I want to have them review and solidify. I read all lessons for accuracy before using them. We all make mistakes, but I don't ever want my students to see those mistakes made by someone who is supposed to be the authority. I love this sight!!

    Lorraine Archer

  • My student's Spanish language experience has grown using Somos and then solidifying after with Garbanzo
    Lyana 108

    Lyana Osborn

  • I got a Garbanzo trial last year and have the subscription for the first time this year. I love Garbanzo because not only is it helping my Spanish students, but it's also helping any Spanish speaking student in the school! I've created a more advanced class on garbanzo with all of the hardest readings in the biblioteca. I invited any Spanish speaking student to join the class so that they are able to improve their Spanish literacy since we don't have a heritage class or many Spanish books in our school library. I love this opportunity for them!

    Lynne Oyler

  • Garbanzo helps my students learn and use reading strategies that help them in Spanish and outside of the classroom. They close read, use cognates, read write down information. The stories are great too. I love seeing them react to the "wild" stories and engage in the cultural stories. Garbanzo makes it easy to grade and is very engaging for students.

    Maira G

  • My students have more stories to read through Garbanzo and it's their favorite homework from school.

    Marcus Erickson

  • Garbanzo website is a fantastic resource for students. The interactive lessons, educational games, and engaging activities make learning fun and exciting. It's a game-changer for student engagement! 🌟📚

    Maria Gracia

  • Garbanzo has been a great way to practice every lesson from Somos program weekly. My students like it. The lessons are very appropriate for my students ages and levels.

    Maria Fabri

  • Garbanzo has become a resource I depend on every day in my novice classes! The variety of passage topics, difficulties, and lengths helps me create a library that meets the needs of every learner.

    Maria Rodriguez

  • I absolutely love Garbanzo! It is so important to have reading materials for my High School students at various levels and I love how easy it is to search relevant topics. The readings are so diverse that they never get boring. I love that it gives me a grade I can easily assess. Reading is a must for language learners and so Garbanzo is on the top of my list each year!

    Maria Castano

  • Garbanzo has allowed me to create differentiation within my classes. Students who are at different levels are able to work at their own pace and practice their reading, listening, and writing skills in Spanish. I also like how up to date the topics are thus creating engagement and interest in my students. The variety of topics give me a wide range of topics to match the lessons I am showcasing each week..

    Maria Johnson

  • Garbanzo has totally transformed my classroom. It gives me access to an incredible amount of material for my students. It is super organized and easy to navigate. I love how the lessons are organized in pathways and build on the language acquired in earlier lessons. I can use one lesson/story and turn it into a week of rich CI activities or I can suggest a lesson as an extension activity for fast finishers or I can assign a lesson for at home practice. So many possibilities! There are also so many lessons about current events and cultural topics. Anytime I need a comprehensible text, it is already here in Garbanzo ready for me to use! It saves on planning time and students feel more confident in their language skills. I could not imagine planning or managing my classroom without Garbanzo again!

    Meghan Martin

  • I teach at a hybrid school where the students are on campus two days and at home three. Garbanzo provides us with a way to seamlessly incorporate online learning with the Somos curriculum and I can track the students’ pacing and add extra stories and challenges to the biblioteca for as much practice as desired! I love the variety of options and audio provided for certain lessons for extra exposure to the target language.

    Megan C.

  • Garbanzo has been great for students to read because it divides the passage into manageable chunks so that they are not overwhelmed looking at too much text. The questions focus on just that section of text which builds comprehension skills, and their confidence!

    Meghan Rabasca

  • Garbanzo has been such an amazing addition to reinforce what we learn from Somos in class. Some of my students even request that I assign a story if they finish quickly!

    Meghan 235

    Meghan Z

  • I discovered Garbanzo when COVID shut down our schools but teaching continued -- truly a lifesaver! I love the unit vocabulary to reinforce introduction of the new words and phrases, the stories for each unit allow for extension of the class stories we have done. The library function is great for my fast finishers or those who want more Spanish. Garbanzo is wonderful for sub days, and the audio feature is a plus. I like the immediate feedback that my students get from Garbanzo. With the huge library of a variety of narrative and informative text, this is a must-have!

    Melanie 59

    Melanie McQueen

  • Garbanzo offers a wide array of readings with native speaker audio to supplement the curriculum. It is great for both classwork and homework. Since it is integrated with Google, students do not have to remember an extra password to access it. Auto-grading is a helpful feature of Garbanzo.

    Melanie Jarvis

  • I have seen a very notable increase in the students learning. They like that the class lessons are aligned with the online lesson. Having the students work in class it allows them to ask questions if they don't understand the content that it's been presented to them in the assignments.

    Melbis Garcia

  • I love using Garbanzo! I have especially had success using it on "Lunes de leer" when we start class off with a reading activity. I choose a story that fits the Somos Unit we are using, and adjust my teaching as needed based on student scores on the assignment. I also like having the Biblioteca option to post stories for review after we have completed a unit.

    Melissa D.

  • Garbanzo has helped my students of all grade levels to improve their speaking and listening skills! This is one of the hardest skills to obtain in a classroom or virtual setting. My students love it and even ask for me to assign the stories!

    Melissa P.

  • I love using Garbanzo! It's so awesome for assignments or assessments! My students use it to reinforce their class lessons and then I set an assignment as their assessment so it will grade it for me. Love that digital grading!

    Melissa 189

    Melissa Leigh Drummond

  • I love assigning the paths and letting students work at their own pace. They are motivated to learn and achieve without feeling pressure. Students that work quickly can keep going and not feel held back while waiting for others. Students feel a sense of accomplishment knowing they can read in just their first few weeks of a Spanish class. I made "Superestrella" certificates for my students that excel in their pathways and or show growth. It's nice to be able to recognize and encourage success.

    Melissa 202

    Melissa Tate

  • I love how Garbanzo aligns with the SOMOS curriculum and provides extra practice while reinforcing the target structures of each unit. My students (and I) really like the audio feature as well.

    Michelle 41

    Michelle Williams

  • I use garbanzo on a weekly basis to reinforce what we are doing in class, offer students more ''brain food'' aka input!, give extra help for struggling students AND offer challenges to advanced students - it is such a great resource.

    Michelle Moselle

  • I have been using Garbanzo with my students of all levels for the past two years now. It's a resource I can't do without! Since introducing Garbanzo, my students get so much more reading input, and it fits perfectly with the curriculum I use. I also love that everything is self-graded, making it so easy to see how my students are doing interpreting what they read.
    Michelle 166

    Michelle Casini

  • I use Garbanzo at least three times a week in my high school Spanish 1 and 2 classes. I have used the SOMOS curriculum for 9 years in my class and the addition of Garbanzo has been amazing! My students love the reading resources to add to their foundation of language learning. After we read a story in class Garbanzo also allows me to see how each student in comprehending individually with the content. It has added another layer of input that my students truly enjoy!!

    Michelle 173

    Michelle Clark

  • Garbanzo has helped my students to make amazing progress with their Spanish! Students are using lots of random new words in class when they are speaking in Spanish and whenever I ask them where they learned "that new word" they always say, "Oh, it was in a Garbanzo story we read!"

    Michelle G.

  • Garbanzo has become a valuable tool in my high school Spanish teaching journey. Garbanzo's adaptability to diverse student backgrounds and proficiency levels, coupled with its user-friendly interface, has effectively engaged even the most reluctant learners in my class. The platform's tracking and reporting tools are time savers, makes classroom management easier and has helped me to develop positive relationships with my students. I wholeheartedly recommend Garbanzo to fellow educators seeking to save prep time, and enhance their language teaching experience. It has been a transformative addition to my classroom, aligning perfectly with my professional goals.

    Miriam 82

    Miriam Braby

  • I love that it goes along with the SOMOS curriculum. It's so nice as an extension of each unit. It's easy to assign for days I need a substitute teacher, or for students who are absent for a long period of time. It is definitely worth the price of the subscription!

    Misty Hokana

  • I have been a fan for many years, my students are engaged and they ask for reading time. I love seeing them sharing stories and using the Spanish that they know in the classroom.

    Nancy Cisnero Greathouse

  • Garbanzo is great for students who have different reading skills because the activities contain cognates, focus vocabulary, and many have the option to listen to the text on the slides built into the activities. It follows the SOMOS curriculum which we have adopted at our school, which makes it convenient for days where substitute plans are needed.

    Naomi Padron

  • I absolutely love program in so many ways. The Core 15 learning path is a perfect place to start if you have done the Somos lessons. I use it to reinforce what we have done. It also helps me see what the more quiet kids know without embarrassing them or putting them on the spot. It is also a great program for sub use. I just plop it into GoogleClassroom. This makes preparing for a sub so much easier.

    Necole 192

    Necole Killick

  • I have been able to incorporate Garbanzo in all of the 6 levels that I teach. Garbanzo is a great tool when trying to differentiate for student levels and needs. I like the ability to easily select readings and activities for on level, honors, and AP classes focusing on a variety of topics and grammar structures. It is user friendly for me as the teacher as well as the students.

    Nelly Guevara

  • I LOVE GARBANZO! My students come into Spanish Class every year thinking that they can't do Spanish. Once I start with Somos and introduce them to comprehensible stories using Garbanzo, they feel super accomplished and proud of themselves! I feel like the world's greatest teacher even though it has nothing to do with me. Kids who hated Spanish absolutely love it now!

    Nicholetta Perez

  • This is my third year to use Garbanzo and I love it! I use the SOMOS curriculum and this is an excellent resource to pair with that. Garbanzo provides meaningful and engaging practice and review for my students. I also like that it is an easy way for me to add some grades to my gradebook.

    Nicole 24

    Nicole Dickson

  • I used Garbanzo for homework in my middle school and high school classes. It is amazing how it grades the assignments for me. I love how I can have students listen along and reread a text many times using the library feature. My students have grown by leaps and bounds in their Spanish understanding by using Garbanzo!

    Nikki Phillips

  • Garbanzo has been a great program to my spanish 1 students. The students enjoy the part were garbanzo reads it to them in spanish and then on the next part they have to remember the information they just listen too.


  • Being a Somos curriculum user, Garbanzo is an outstanding and easy to use resource that supplements student input and does the grading! What a reward it is when students use new structures beyond class vocabulary learned through their Garbanzo readings! The ability to search by unit, topic, country or grammar is a massive time saver. Garbanzo is a must!

    Patty R

  • I use Garbanzo with my classes in different ways. I use it with absent students to cover what they missed in class, to add practice on a certain units where the class might need more exposure to the structures we are covering and to add cultural lessons that are important but are not covered in the units I do with each level. Some cultural lesson I use are: Navidad, Dia de los Reyes, Rosca de Reyes, Semana Santa, historical figures from Spanish speaking countries & pop Spanish culture. In some occasions I have also used it to get students exposed to grammar concepts that we covered in class. Garbanzo goes hand in hand with the Somos Curriculum and can be used in many different ways. I do not use it for homework because many high school kids have busy lives after school and I don't want to add to their plates and turn Spanish into a stressor. I provide Locura de Marzo & Loctubre playlists(Spanish music) for them to listen to and enjoy at their leisure.

    Patricia Sarabia

  • This has helped my students by increasing reading comprehension significantly.

    Purim Barnes

  • Using Garbanzo has been so helpful for my students! The images bring the story to life and the cognates used in the writing really help support my novice learnings. I am so pleased!

    Rachel 105

    Rachel Atkins

  • I teach online. I use the comprehensive Input curriculum and Garbanzo is a great complement. My students are assigned the path to proficiency and they love them one of my student cannot attend my online session, but he feels that Garbanzo is helping him to achieve proficiency. He even recommended Garbanzo to his daughters. Another student has tried duo lingo and other online programs, but she feels that Garbanzo is the closest to immersion, while Suomi go is more isolated words and grammar rules. She loves how garbanzo is very comprehensive and the vocabulary and grammar is used within a context. As a teacher, I can assign homework to my student ta to reinforce my lesson and I can assign them all the units and path for the whole year. Because of that some of my students go beyond what it is assigned and can work o their own.
    Rafael 149

    Rafael Gutierrez

  • Garbanzo has made a huge difference in my students reading comprehension abilities. They like being able to immediately see whether they were right or wrong, and I love how easy it is to assign and grade the assignments. The fact that it is perfectly aligned to the Somos curriculum makes it an easy choice!

    Raye 115

    Raye Bartlett

  • Garbanzo is a LIFESAVER! Sub plans, absent work, supplements to classwork... I use it ALL the time! It keeps students engaged and go at their own pace, and it's easy for me to monitor their progress. If my district didn't pay for my subscription I'd pay out of pocket - it's THAT good!

    Rebecca 8

    Rebecca Werthmann

  • I love that I can always find paper versions of content that I love in Garbanzo in the SOMOS curriculum. One of my students' favorite classroom routines is "Viva Viernes," our Independent Learning Lab days (stations style). On these blended learning days, I offer students the choice of completing Garbanzo digital readings with the embedded comprehension questions or the SOMOS reading counterpart to practice their Interpretive Reading skills. More often than not, students choose to complete the Garbanzo digital assignment.

    Rebecca Santana

  • It is a wonderful program that the students enjoy! I love using it after doing a story-script or a movietalk to check for understanding. It is also another way for those more reluctant students to engage in the language. Its also incredibly helpful for sub plans! It is a resource that I will continue to use!

    Rebecca Seegert

  • Garbanzo has helped my students be able to interpret vocab in context, as well as provide them with supplemental vocab and cognates that they often use in their writing and communicative activities. Using Garbanzo has also improved my students literacy skills across the board!

    Regan King

  • I love to use Garbanzo for sub plans, fast finisher work, or review at the end of a unit! Students benefit from the extra practice, and it is a great way to get in the extra repetitions of target vocabulary.

    Reilly Figenscher

  • As a teacher on a two-hour block schedule, I rely on Garbanzo to provide my students with quality input while also giving me a break. It makes a for a fabulous, no prep sub plan, as well. The best part of Garbanzo is how much is helps students acquire language. Whenever I grade free-writes, I can instantly tell which students have been doing their Garbanzo with fidelity because their have a a wider set of vocabulary, and their language is more complex.

    Renee 161

    Renee Sowers

  • My Spanish department transitioned to the SOMOS curriculum 2 years ago, and the use of Garbanzo has been an integral part of each Unit we teach. Connecting Garbanzo with Google Classroom allows me to seamlessly assign new activities to my students. Additionally, I love that I can choose activities for my students based on proficiency levels yet will enable them to access the same stories and general content. The audio option is also beneficial for students who need extra support. Overall, it is an essential part of our SOMOS curriculum.

    Reva Jean Thornton

  • I use garbanzo as an enhancement with my Somos lessons. I teach garbanzo to 6th-8th grade and they love the lessons and topics . As a teacher I like how easy it is to find different topics and assignments and how simple it is to use.


  • My whole classroom loves all of the modalities in the lessons from Garbanzo; reading, writing and listening! We don't need any paper or pencil, just our Chromebooks and we have a self-graded lesson! It is especially nice for sub plans!

    S Church

  • Krashen says it best, "People acquiring a second language have the best chance for success through reading." I couldn't agree more. I started using the Somos curriculum three years ago and subscribed to Garbanzo to support student learning through free reading. It was the best decision I made.

    Sadie 176

    Sadie Burzenski Silva

  • We just started using Garbanzo along with the Somos curriculum and I love that it reinforces their grammar and vocabulary organically!

    Sam 66

    Sam C.

  • I love the ability to assign relevant reading to my students with every unit of SOMOS. My students especially love the "vocabulario importante" to study before an assessment.

    Samantha 91

    Samantha Schriever

  • My students were hesitant readers at first, and they went too fast through the stories, but once they started getting the hang of HOW to read, they slowed down. This allowed them to become more confident and helped retain the core concepts, even though they did not feel like they were "learning".

    Sandra R

  • Garbanzo is a great source for my students to practice listening ( I have premium) and reading comprehension skills. I used garbanzo after we finish each one of the great Stories from Somos. I just love it!


  • My students love Garbanzo and how it helps reinforce their vocabulary that we use in class. I personally love that they are able to practice the stories we read with SOMOS individually. Their reading comprehensions scores have improved tremendously since implementing Garbanzo. I LOVE this program!

    Sara Wessels

  • I have now added Garbanzo as a regular part of our practicing the language. I use it for language input and I use it as a reading grade AFTER we have discussed the topic for several days. It gives me quick and graded feedback to how the students were understanding the lesson.

    Sarae Martin

  • Garbanzo has been a great help for me and my students! I use it as parallel texts to our class story so they see the same structures in a similar format, as homework, absent work, and for students who need an audio feature to read text to them. There's a wide selection of stories, ranging from real news to silly dialogues, to vocabulary practice and more! Even my most reluctant readers can find something that interests them.

    Sarah Marek

  • Garbanzo is a fantastic, user-friendly tool with a variety of stories to engage all students. I use it both with SOMOS and to compliment the lessons I am required to give from the textbook. I find it to be a much more effective way for students to practice content.

    Shannon L

  • Garbanzo has given me a multitude of options for kids who need extra work, extra challenges, or who just love reading. I’m so thankful to have thousands of resources at the tips of my fingers!

    Shelley Woodward

  • Garbanzo has been an amazing teaching tool for my Spanish classes! I use it along with the Somos Flex curriculum. I love that everything is self-graded and that it is organized by unit, topic, or level. The addition of grammar topics and culture readings makes Garbanzo even more amazing!

    Shelley 140

    Shelley Burge

  • I use Garbanzo with my online college students. Despite their age, the site has drastically improved their reading levels and helped support the daily lessons on Canvas. I love being able to assign full paths as well!

    Shelly 6

    Shelly Saunders

  • Garbanzo has been a game changer for my students. The high achievers use it to reveiw and refresh past knowledge. The strugglers see it as an easy way to get a good grade. Even my lowest level stidents have little trouble completing Garbanzo.

    Sheri Luvianos

  • Garbanzo is literally a life saver! Students engage in meaningful interactive activities while boosting their Spanish skills. Garbanzo benefits students with audio and visuals, plus helps differentiate all leveled learners! Highly recommend! 10/10! This is my 5 year as a user!

    Sidronio 109

    Sidronio Rangel

  • Garbanzo has become an essential tool in my Spanish classroom! I love that I can find so many different articles and stories that use student-friendly vocab. I also love how many cultural articles there are and how I'm able to use them to teach culture in the target language!

    Sierra K.

  • Garbanzo is a great reinforcement of the lessons we do in class, my students get more repetitions and practice. As a teacher, it helps me so much when I have to be out of school, I know that I can assign some Garbanzo readings and they will continue to learn!

    Silvia 62

    Silvia Perera

  • Garbanzo allows me to continue teaching with CI and SOMOS. I use Garbanzo daily with my students and while on the beginning they all complained about it, now they like it because it goes hand on hand with the units we see and they are able to be successful in class. Also, I know when I am out sick I do not have to re invent the wheel, just assign a reading or two and some reflection. I want to add that I had COVID twice while in school, and while the first round was awful and could not do anything, the second round, my student had Garbanzo readings on each class and once I got back to class, the time lost was not as much as I expected it.

    Soledad Theel

  • I am so thankful that I can provide extra reading opportunities for my students as homework, in sub plans and for students who are absent. These interactive reading activities can also be used to differentiate learning. Thanks!

    Stacey Vigil

  • Garbanzo has been so helpful to reinforce our focus phrases! The kids really enjoy the stories. Garbanzo is really accurate in reflecting the students' understanding with the questions it asks.

    Stacie Burke

  • Students love it! It has been the best independent learning assignment that I've used in the 32 years that I've been teaching. Students retain the information through the various ways of presentation. When I ask them how they know a particular word/phrase, they'll remind me that it was on their Garbanzo work.

    Stacy Huxell

  • Garbanzo is absolutely the best reading program! I saw significant improvement when my students started regular silent reading. The readings are interesting and scaffolded so well that students are able to understand them easily. They enjoy the sense of accomplishment as they advance along the learning path.

    Susan 116

    Susan Drake

  • I can not imagine having to teach Spanish 1 and 2 without using Garbanzo. It reinforces everything we do in class. My Spanish 4 students are sad that they don't have Garbanzo this year. The students always tell me how much vocabulary they learn from reading along with how to form sentences.

    Suzanne K

  • Garbanzo has been amazing! I love seeing how my students, after the initial struggle, start picking up on the grammatical patterns and structures and acquire vocabulary so easily.

    Sydney Villarreal Koerber

  • Garbanzo is an easy way to get students reading in class. There are all different levels and types of stories and many can be used all alone as exit tickets or quick assessments or in conjunction with lessons in class. Garbanzo also saved my life every time I had to call out sick or miss class for any reason. I especially liked the sets of readings on Día de Muertos and biographies of famous people. Garbanzo works wonderfully in high school Spanish but would be useful with middle or elementary school students as well.

    Tamara 28

    Tamara Hamlin

  • This is my first time trying out Garbanzo. I have been trying to implement more of the SOMOS curriculum in my classroom. I love how user friendly Garbanzo has been for lessons and also extra enrichment for students. It has helped my students have a new way to access reading material digitally and very interactive way for them to want to read and answer questions!

    Tanieka Ray

  • Garbanzo has helped immensely with reading comprehension amongst my students. They enjoy the pace, the graphics, the content, and the ability to go back to re-read if they missed something. I like using it to make connections to the content we are learning in each unit. It pairs well with any curriculum.

    Tanya Nix

  • Garbanzo checks all the boxes! When used to accompany the SOMOS units, it's comprehensible for the students and gives them great listening and reading comprehension reinforcement. Plus, it's a nice little break for the teacher! I highly recommend the premium plan!

    Terri 29

    Terri H

  • Garbanzo has been such a great resource for my class. My students really enjoy the stories and I've seen their progress on their reading. The stories have really helped them on their path to acquire the language.

    Therese Soria

  • I love that Garbanzo proves support for students of all levels. Struggling students greatly benefit from the audio and visual (picture) support if the program, while students who forge ahead have access to leveled reading material that pushes them to grow in the language.

    Tiffany Saborido

  • Garbanzo has been a total game-changer in my classroom. I love that there are countless activities that go with each SOMOS unit. My favorite part is that it has cut down on my grading time substantially for both formative and summative assessments as the computer grades it for me!

    Tori Morgan

  • Garbanzo has helped my students gain confidence in their reading and listening comprehension all while reading fun and engaging stories! It is well worth the investment!

    Tracey 119

    Tracey Hoffmann

  • Quotes from students-”I can learn words using context clues.” "Garbanzo has helped me expand my Spanish vocabulary.” “The information provided helps me recall some of the vocab when we talk in class, and helps me read and recall words on tests.” “I like how I'm able to learn words that we are then going to use in different practices in class or on different assignments.”

    Tracey 197

    Tracey Weidner

  • ¡HOLA! This is my 3rd year using Garbanzo with my classes and most of my students and I love it! For Spanish 1 and 2, I usually offer them 5 activities to complete in a 10 day period, and I require them to complete 3-- that way they get to choose the 3 that are most appealing to them. My students say that they are just shocked that they can already read some Spanish and that they understand enough about the stories to be able to tell me 3 details. My Spanish 1 students this year are very proud to have finished their first 2 stories successfully.

    Vicki Ferris

  • Garbanzo has allowed my students to ENJOY reading in a different language instead of it feeling like a chore. The repetitive, yet contextual activities make it easy for students to understand, but still make them feel challenged!

    Vincenza Zaia

  • Garbanzo is such an amazing resource. I see my student enjoying the stories in the biblioteca, and the story I assign. They feel encouraged and accomplished when they understand the content of the stories. I have students come to me asking me to asign them more advanced stories :)

    Viviana 14

    Viviana Hillmann

  • My students love working with Garbanzo! Students tell me it helps them understand language better and reinforces their comprehension of what they are reading. Garbanzo gives them confidence in their abilities!

    Wendy Dufoe

  • Garbanzo has become a staple in my classroom. I use it on a regular basis to increase literacy skills. I like the ability to assign various stories at different levels, and the questions throughout the stories truly test their understanding and proficiency. It's a great tool that actually engages students with the language using interesting material.

    Will Odom

  • Garbanzo has helped my students build their vocabulary and practice the high-frequency words we learn in class. Students can focus on ideas not only on words and are able to understand the context. I like how I can assign each of my students their own learning path based on their level of proficiency in Spanish. I've used Garbanzo for four years and have seen how much my students have progressed in their second language learning process.

    Y. Velasquez

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