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Take the power of interactive storytelling and combine it with the art of making 
language comprehensible — now that’s a perfect match.

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The power of stories.

Story-based learning is the most natural and time-honored way to support language acquisition. Not only do stories make learning a language more fun, they also help students better process and retain information. Stories stick in students’ minds. They motivate and engage. When students encounter stories written at their level about topics they find interesting, the learning process takes flight!

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Garbanzo’s collection of stories and informational texts complement any Spanish curriculum. Use our ready-made lessons written by native Spanish speakers and seasoned language teachers to effortlessly create a fun, motivating learning environment for every student.

  • Story-based lessons with audio

    Choose from our library of 1.2k+ stories to assign Spanish lessons for your students across a wide selection of themes. Lessons include images, illustrations, and audio to support comprehension for multilevel learners.

  • Guided learning paths

    Use our learning paths to assign your students a collection of lessons focused on a core topic or set of vocabulary. As students progress along the path, scaffolded vocabulary is slowly introduced to help them read with confidence!

  • Interactive challenges

    Each lesson includes challenge questions to help students deepen their understanding and create meaningful connections to the text. These sequential assessments provide you with a bird’s eye view of your students’ progress.

  • Customizable practice

    Add lessons to each class’s Biblioteca to give your students opportunities for self-guided practice. You choose which lessons to add, and your students choose which lessons they want to read and how many times!

  • In-person or distance learning

    Engage your students in the classroom or remotely through a completely secure, online library of texts. Ditch the stress of paperwork and preptime! All of our lessons are ready-to-go whenever you need them.

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Loved by teachers across the globe.

Garbanzo is adapted from lessons found in The Somos Curriculum, the widely acclaimed and comprehension-based language curriculum created by The Comprehensible Classroom and trusted by 85k+ teachers worldwide.

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Garbanzo makes it easy for teachers to track student progress. Track student activity, lesson progress and completion, and percent accuracy. 

  • Manage unlimited classes

    Create an unlimited number of classes and invite your students to join using a unique code.

  • Track student progress

    Monitor students’ completion scores and learning activity to see their successes (and struggles).

  • See learning history

    Students can view their own learning history for a summary of their tasks, old and new.

  • Manage district licenses

    Oversee quotes, purchase orders, and bulk licenses for districts and schools.

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Integrates with Google.

Seamlessly manage your Garbanzo classes with Google.

  • Google Classroom

    Sync Garbanzo with your existing Google Classroom account to automatically transfer classes, rosters, coursework, and grades for easy classroom management.

  • Google Single Sign-On

    Log into Garbanzo student and teacher dashboards using your existing Google account. That means one less password for you and your students to remember!

By educators, for educators.

Garbanzo is designed to foster language acquisition in a way that’s fun for students and simple for teachers. To make it even easier, we have an entire community ready to help you implement Garbanzo in your classroom.

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Support Center

Get quick answers to common questions or contact our support team for additional help.

Planning Resources

Use the Garbanzo Planning Companion to easily search for lessons that fit your students’ needs.

Collaboration Group

Connect and communicate with other educators who use Garbanzo in their classrooms.

Garbanzo is such a versatile tool. It's great for reading practice to reinforce the Somos lessons I do in class, either by assigning the same readings I would have printed worksheets for, or stories with similar vocabulary for additional practice. It's great for both high and low learners - the library and pathway features make it easy to use as both an extension or remediation tool.

Andrea Brown

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