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Our brains are wired for stories

Story Based Learning

Story-based learning is not only the most effective way to learn a language; it's also effective in helping to process and retain information.

Classic Stories

Garbanzo features original stories, familiar folk tales, and historical and cultural insights into the Spanish speaking world.

We acquire language when we understand messages; when we understand what people tell us and when we understand what we read.
Dr. Stephen Krashen Linguist
There are two sides to communication: interpretation and expression. A learner's job in the early stages is largely interpretation.
Bill VanPatten Scholar

Additional Features


Each lesson features a story or informational text that is broken up into small, processable pieces. Illustrations, vocabulary support, and processing questions ensure that students comprehend as they read.


Throughout the lessons, students will be faced with challenge questions that support their understanding of the text and help them to create meaningful connections to the content.


Our lessons are organized into paths that are full of texts that work with a core set of vocabulary. As students progress along the path, new vocabulary is spiraled in slowly, helping them to read with confidence!


Our digital library is the perfect way to give your students autonomy and choice. You choose which lessons get added to each class' Biblioteca, and students can choose which lessons they want to read and how many times!

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