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The Garbanzo Spanish Podcast: Episode 30: El Basilisco

May 13, 2024

We’ve got a rooster laying an egg and a snake incubating it… what could go wrong?  Find out in this episode! 

This episode was written around the Somos 1 Unit 12 level.

Core Vocab: caballero (knight), secuestrar (knidnap), brujo (sorcerer), salió (left)

Episode length: 22:49 (story begins at 5:14, full story begins at 16:02)

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Episode 30 Cover 1
el basilisco, a basilisk - creature with a rooster's head and a snake's body

Materials for class

As a companion to each episode, we have some printable activities you can use with your class. Click here to download the activities for Episode 30. 

Here are some ways to use them!

  • Print out page 1 and have your students read the story before, during, or after listening. 
  • Print out page 2 and have your students choose which of two statements occurred first in the story.  
  • Print out page 4 and have your students figure out who said (or would say) each statement
Ep 30 Printable
episode 30 printables, an image of Bonzo as a basilisk with worksheets overlayed

Accompanying lessons and additional links

El Basilisco

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