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Las doce uvas de la suerte - Episode TEN of The Garbanzo Spanish Podcast now streaming with a BONUS!

December 11, 2022

For our tenth episode of the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast, Nelly Andrade Hughes will be telling us about a special tradition, Las doce uvas de la suerte, which is celebrated in Spain and parts of Latin America on New Year's Eve. As a special treat, Nelly is joined by some special friends––and familiar voices!

This fun, cultural lesson uses  controlled language so that it is easy for beginners to understand; especially beginning Spanish learners that have listened to all of the episodes in Season One of the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast.

Core Vocabulary: La Nochevieja, buena suerte, uva, hay, los números del uno al doce, tradición, necesita, campanada, come

Episode length: (16:32 min, story @ 2:37)

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, or YouTube

Download Printable Resources

Episode 010 Transcript: Las doce uvas de la suerte.docx

Episode 10 cover

Materials for class

As a companion to each episode, we have some printable activities you can use with your class. Click here to download the activities for Episode Ten

Here are some ways to use them!

Print out page one for students to read before, during, or after listening.

Familiarize yourself with the instructions on page six for the game ¡SEIS! included in the printables. Full instructions are available at . To play, you will need the following materials:

One dice per student, students divided into groups of three-six.

One copy per student of page two of the printables.

One copy of the sentences on page three of the printables (prepared at four-copies-per-page to save paper!)

One writing utensil per group.

After listening, have students complete ¿ES CIERTO? on page four of the printables and decide whether each statement is true or false.

Have students color the fun ¡Feliz año nuevo! coloring sheet on page five to bring some festivity to your classroom!

Accompanying lessons and additional links

Las 12 uvas de la suerte: una tradición de la Nochevieja

Las 12 uvas de la suerte: versión extendida



You can’t stop Garbanzo voice artists from having a good time when they get together - and why would you want to?! To celebrate La Nochevieja, our first collaborative recording, and the end of the first season of The Garbanzo Spanish Podcast, we have given our artists space to go off-roading a little bit and add their own flare to a bonus episode about Las doce uvas de la suerte.

This episode is a companion to the regularly scheduled Episode Ten: Las doce uvas de la suerte featuring the talents of Nelly Andrade Hughes. For a fun twist, hear some extended party scenes written and compiled by Andrea Giganti Dima with some cultural performances and references that you won’t want to miss!

This episode uses the same “Las doce uvas de la suerte” script featured in Episode Ten written in comprehensible language suitable for beginners, but is presented without pauses to answer the questions and with the addition of beginner and intermediate language spoken between Nelly and her guests.

We would love to hear how you use this episode with your students!

Core Vocabulary: La Nochevieja, buena suerte, uva, hay, los números del uno al doce, tradición, necesita, campanada, come

Episode length: (16:55 min, story @ 4:53)

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, or YouTube

Episode 010.1 Transcript: La Nochevieja (Bonus Episode).docx

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