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New Podcast Episode! La leyenda de la araña, episode 24, now streaming!

November 13, 2023

Is there any punishment when a leader neglects their duties? They may be the boss in their communities, but do they have to answer to anyone? Find out in this episode where we will hear the Quechua legend of a petulant princess and what befalls her.

This episode practices previously introduced vocabulary and is most closely aligned with Somos 1 Unit 9.

Core Vocab: tiene miedo, mira, hacia, dios, oro

Episode length: 20:30 (Story begins 3:30, uninterrupted story begins 14:16)

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Download Printable Resources

Episode 024 Transcript: La leyenda de la araña.docx

Materials for class

As a companion to each episode, we have some printable activities you can use with your class. Click here to download the activities for Episode 24. 

Here are some ways to use them!

Print out page 1-2 and have your students read the story before, during, or after listening.

Print out page 3 and have your students color the glyph based on the facts from the story they have heard. (Key on page 4)

Print out page 5 and have your students identify cognates and annotate the text on pages 1-2.

Accompanying lessons and additional links

La leyenda de la araña

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