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Listen now! Episode 25 of the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast - La leyenda del mate!

December 11, 2023

Do you enjoy a steaming cup of mate every once in a while? Or maybe you’re having one right now!  Whether your a mate connoisseur or are hearing about this delicious drink for the first time, this episode is sure to be entertaining and informative!  Find out the mystical origins of this famous South American beverage!

This episode practices previously introduced vocabulary and is most closely aligned with Somos 1 Unit 10.

Core Vocab: luna, nube, tierra, tiene hambre

Episode length: 23:35 (Story begins 4:54, uninterrupted story begins 16:12)

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Download Printable Resources

Episode 025 Transcript: La leyenda del mate.docx

Materials for class

As a companion to each episode, we have some printable activities you can use with your class. Click here to download the activities for Episode 25. 

Here are some ways to use them!

Print out page 1-2 and have your students read the story before, during, or after listening.

Print out page 3 and have your students determine whether the statements are true or false. 

Print out page 5. Students illustrate 6 scenes from the story, out of order, and then write a description from the story in Spanish. Then, have them cut and put the scenes in order, or swap with a classmate and order each other's. 

Accompanying lessons and additional links

La leyenda del mate (Versión simplificada)

La leyenda del mate

¿Qué es el mate?

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