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Episode 26 of The Garbanzo Spanish Podcast: La Cuyancúa

January 8, 2024

If you are visiting Sonsonate in El Salvador, beware La Cuyancúa!  It may seem harmless enough at first, but you don’t want to run into it and find out what befalls its victims!  

This episode falls in line around Somos 1 Unit 10.  

Core Vocab: dice, tiene, quiere, puede, cerdo, serpiente, lluvia

Episode length: 20:26 min (story begins at 5:18, full story begins at 15:01)

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Materials for class

As a companion to each episode, we have some printable activities you can use with your class. Click here to download the activities for Episode 26. 

Here are some ways to use them!

Print out page 1 and have your students read the story before, during, or after listening. 

Print out page 2 and have your students fill in the missing words during or after listening. 

Print out page 4 and have your students illustrate, add speech bubbles, and describe and scene from the episode.  

Accompanying lessons and additional links

La Cuyancúa

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