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We're Back! Episode 21 of The Garbanzo Spanish Podcast Now Streaming!

August 15, 2023

When farmers find their goats mysteriously drained of blood, will they believe the investigators’ claims that coyotes are to blame? Or, will they suspect something more sinister like… El Chupacabras? The Garbanzo Spanish Podcast is back for Season 3 with a fun theme - legends of the Spanish speaking world! Check out the first episode of the new season!

If you have listened to the first 2 seasons (episodes 1-20) of the podcast, we think you are ready to pick up the pace a little bit! We are picking up where we left off with vocabulary and complexity, so you should be able to dive right in!

This episode uses core vocabulary that we utilized in the previous couple episodes which comes from Somos 1 Unit 8, plus some topic-specific words to help you understand the habits of this mysterious creature!

Core vocabulary: busca, encuentra, sabes, cabra, sangre, chupa, mata, muerta

Episode length: 27:13 (Story begins 10:04, uninterrupted story begins 20:04)

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Download Printable Resources

Episode 021 Transcript: El Chupacabras.docx

Materials for class

As a companion to each episode, we have some printable activities you can use with your class.

 Click here to download the activities for Episode 21

Here are some ways to use them!

Print out Page 1 and have your students read the story before, during, or after listening. 

Print out one copy of page 2 for each student (or group) and have them match up the Spanish on the left with the English on the right.

Print out one copy of page 4 for each student (or group), have them cut out the statements and order them chronologically. These would also make great statements for Running Dictation which you can read about here on The Comprehensible Classroom's Blog.

Accompanying lessons and additional links

El chupacabras - Versión simplificada

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