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Listen to easy-to-understand stories in Spanish written primarily for beginners.

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The Garbanzo Spanish Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast that brings you interactive, easy-to-understand stories in Spanish written primarily for beginners. Storytelling is the most engaging and natural way to learn a new language, which makes this podcast perfect for any Spanish learner! Listening and reading simple stories with familiar words make it easier for our brains to process the new language. Stories help the learning process take flight!

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Each episode of the Garbanzo Spanish Podcast is based on a lesson available through Garbanzo. You can assign the corresponding lessons to your students through your Garbanzo account to further your students’ acquisition journeys.



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Garbanzo is an amazing tool in my Spanish classes for all levels. The stories are based on the culture and related to many topics in the Hispanic world. The stories are leveled into different proficiency levels so I can individualized for my learners depending on my level!

Eunice 122

Eunice Loredo

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About Garbanzo.

Garbanzo is an online, interactive library for Spanish classes. Choose from our collection of 1.2k+ stories to assign meaningful and appropriate lessons to your students. With Garbanzo, language learning can happen anywhere!

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